Why Join BNI?

BNI® Membership Makes Business More Rewarding and Life More Fun: 


Business without BNI

  • Wasting money on marketing that does not work
  • On your own, trying to figure things out
  • Resentment by those who think businesspeople take advantage of customers and employees
  • Too few, inconsistent business referrals with a weak referral network
  • Your message gets lost with so many competitors clamoring for the same business.
  • Dealing with takers who don’t’ appreciate what you offer
  • Goals slip and dreams get delayed because it’s easy to slack off because no one is watching


Life with BNI

  • A team to generate a steady flow of customers
  • It helps to avoid dead ends so you can win, faster!
  • Appreciation for the sacrifices you make and the celebrations of your victories.
  • A network of business owners who knows how to make meaningful referrals to you and training for you on how to leverage it.
  • You are the only provider for your business category within your chapter.
  • Comprehensive training programs that grow with you as you scale your company.
  • A room of givers dedicated to helping you grow.
  • People to help you hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.


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