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To generate the biggest possible impact for you and your business, in the shortest time,

BNI Chapters operate by a 90- minute agenda.  Each Week, BNI Members in more than 9,000 chapters around the world use this agenda to grow their businesses.


Perhaps, you have been invited because someone saw that your business could benefit from BNI membership and though you could have a positive impact on the Chapter. 


BNI Chapters track referrals, assigned a value and keep a score to help make trading business fun.   You’ll hear statistics like referrals given, referral goals and income generated.


In BNI, generating money for other members becomes a game.  And the best part, more players means more referrals and a higher score.  More referrals because new members give long-time members a new person to make referrals to and to generate referrals from.


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 Visitors like you attend chapter meetings all the time.   Members are excited to meet you and make every effort to make the experience fun and productive for you.    Think of it as an invitation to a fun party, with an agenda.


The only portion of the agenda you need to concern yourself with is introducing yourself.  You’ll have a few seconds to give your name, your business, the problems you solve and your target market.  It’s that easy.  One last detail is to remember to give your name at the end of the introduction as well to help members remember you when they have someone to refer.


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When members agree you are a good fit for the chapter, you will be invited to apply for BNI membership.  BNI membership helps you generate more sales with consistent growth, less effort and lower costs than other marketing methods


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